About me

I have always been inspired by thought provoking meaningful images. But I only really started taking photosmyself at the end of 2017 when I purchased my first digital mirrorless camera. I wasn’t completely happywith my results so I decided to take a step into the past and buy myself a 35mm film camera, a Minolta7000af. This is when I started to appreciate my own photography.

I loved the process of taking each photo and being strict with myself to only take photos when Iwas satisfied with everything. Having to wait anywhere between a day to a few weeks to even see my results.I was hooked.Another camera came along, this time with a manual film winder and a prime lens. This taught meeven more about composing a shot correctly. Not to be lazy and use zoom when it is not necessary. Manuallyfocusing with a split image viewfinder. Manually winding each frame before a shot and the unique sound thateach film camera has when the mirror flips up and the shutter fires.

I now own one of my favoritecameras, a Hasselblad 500cm. For me it is about the process of taking a photograph and trying to make theviewer feel some sort of connection with the image and what may be in it.I started off just shooting landscapes and taking photos of my friends. But I have come to realize that Iwant to do more than that.

I want to be able to take photos that mean something, that can make achange in society for the better. What I have also come to realize is...how.And that is what I am working at, today.

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